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Month: August 2020

Website Traffic

Nothing can be better than getting a tons of Traffic on our websites. Many of us are having Websites,some people having websites to sell online while other write blog, in every cases we need to have good Traffic on our websites or else we fail. Most of us struggle to get traffic on our websites in when we don’t have it, either we stop blogging or selling online and move to some another business. In order to get the organic traffic, the content and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or our websites have to be up to the mark.

Given Below are various platforms from wehere we get bulk Website traffic.– This is the platform from where we can get traffic from all over the world by sharing our articles or related links.– This platform is the awesome platform where one need to answer questions in the community and can also share links in some specific community groups.– This is the platform from where we can get traffic from all over the world by sharing our articles or related links. But we need to abide by the community rules of posting our links and articles.

Linkedin and other social media platforms: Social Media platforms have been seen a good source of bringing traffic for our website but we can only share one or two articles a day as too much sharing of links may cause blocking of your social media account.– is another fantastic platform to share our articles and boost traffic on our websites. & are another two platform where we need to share our articles or products,people from all over the world visit these sites and would provide us good amount of traffic to our websites.

Website ownership verification

There are various companies and people who are having their own website but doesn’t know the importance and verification process of their websites. Website verification is done for various reasons out of which most important is to rank in top page of Google When searched performed.

A verified Websites performs well and ranks good on Google page. There are various ways to verify the ownership of a website, out of which we would discuss one.

Verification through Google search console method. In order to verity the ownership , first you will need to type “Google search console” in the Google search bar,click the first option written as “”, then sign in to your account. After signing in at the last hand side top of the page you will see option “add properties”, click on “add properties”.

Then you will get two options to verify, the first option would be “verifty through domain” where you can verify your domain ownership,at another option you will see “verity through website”

In order to verity ownership through domain name, enter the domain name in the first option of verification , click submit, then you will get a code, copy that code and go the cpanel of your website, click on domains ,select the domains that you want to verify,then you will get an option of modity zone,click on that and then click add records and your domain name ,select txt option and paste the code copies in google search console and click add records.

now com to the search console and click verify, this way you can verify the ownership of your website.

Domain and Hosting

The terms “Domain” & “Hosting” are related to the website, where domain means a name for your website and hosting means a place where files of your website remains stores. In order to start a website one need to purchase both domain and hosting and connect them together to publish the website online. There are various companies providing domains and hosting at reasonable rates . There are several plans for hosting depending upon uses tenure for which hosting is required. Domains are available with various extensions like .com, .co,, .xyz and many more.

In order to buy a domain you will need to visit the domain provider website, search the name name you are looking for, search bar will show if the name is available. You can buy the domain name if available or can look for related domain availability.

While buying hosting for your website please keep the following things in mind and then process to buy:

1 Up time of server to the hosting company . you can find the review of domain hosting companies on youtube and various another platforms.

2 look if SSL is being provided by Hosting company.

3 Check the space provided by hosting company in the plan you are planning to purchase from.

4 Last but not the least number of email accounts which can be created and number of websites which can be hosted under the plan you are looking for.

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