The terms “Domain” & “Hosting” are related to the website, where domain means a name for your website and hosting means a place where files of your website remains stores. In order to start a website one need to purchase both domain and hosting and connect them together to publish the website online. There are various companies providing domains and hosting at reasonable rates . There are several plans for hosting depending upon uses tenure for which hosting is required. Domains are available with various extensions like .com, .co,, .xyz and many more.

In order to buy a domain you will need to visit the domain provider website, search the name name you are looking for, search bar will show if the name is available. You can buy the domain name if available or can look for related domain availability.

While buying hosting for your website please keep the following things in mind and then process to buy:

1 Up time of server to the hosting company . you can find the review of domain hosting companies on youtube and various another platforms.

2 look if SSL is being provided by Hosting company.

3 Check the space provided by hosting company in the plan you are planning to purchase from.

4 Last but not the least number of email accounts which can be created and number of websites which can be hosted under the plan you are looking for.